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Conditions of Employment

You are employed in Sweden for the entire duration of the mission. Those of you on your first mission receive a salary of 13,059 SEK or 1,476 € depending on if you live in Sweden or Finland. Compensation increases thereafter with experience and responsibility.

The salary is intended to cover operating expenses in Sweden and it is pensionable. MSF pays for travel, accommodations, and help with pocket money to cover meals etc. We also provide excellent insurance coverage, medical examinations before and after a mission, and any necessary vaccinations.

An assignment usually lasts for 6-12 months. We therefore require you to be available for that length of time. Depending on your project and your role, assignments may be longer  or shorter. Fieldworkers get a week off every three months.

As field workers, you agree to respect the ethical standards of the medical profession and be entirely independent of political, economic, religious or other discriminatory factors.

Much can be unfamiliar on your first mission. And you will often find yourself with more responsibility than you are used to at home. For this reason, we attach considerable importance to previous travels in low-income areas. These experiences can be good preparation for the field-work and can help you better imagine what the job entails.

Our working language is English so field workers are required to be fluent in English, both spoken and written. Most of our projects, however, are conducted in French-speaking countries and for that reason we are always interested in recruiting personnel who speak French. Knowledge of French is a requirement for some profiles and it's considered an important merit for all. Other languages are also an asset.