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3. For Accepted Applicants

It is always the need in the field that controls missions and assignments. That means there can be long waits, sometimes as long as several months before you are offered a mission.

Practical questions like leave of absence from work and subletting your appartment is preferably settled in advance, so you are available to leave on a short notice.

When it is time to leave, you'll receive your vaccinations and general practical information from our office in Stockholm. The Operational Centre that runs the project will inform you about your work and the situation in the country where you'll be assigned. The Operational Centres' offices are placed in Brussels, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Geneva and Paris.

If you are accepted as a field worker, you will need some courses to be well-prepared for an assignment. All medical personnel intending to work in MSF projects must take a course in international humanitarian health.

Humanitarian Health Assistance (HHA)
This course is a collaboration between MSF, the Red Cross University College and Karolinska Institutet, and currently occurs once a year at the RCUC campus in Huddinge, Stockholm once a year (12 ECTS during eight weeks divided into weeks that are remotely attended an weeks that require attendance in person.)

The course is only available for recruited fieldworkers. Exceptions are made for surgical and anesthesia personnel who do not need to take the course. The course is

The next available course occurs week 44-51 2016.

If you are not ready to apply now but want to plan ahead, you can also complete one of the following courses:

For medical doctors:
Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

For registered nurses:
Diploma in Tropical Nursing at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

For medical doctors and registered nurses:
Introduction to International Health at Institute of Tropical Medicine

Summer course in International Health at University of Copenhagen

Essentials of Humanitarian Practice
SIDA gives, in partnership with "Red'R", an introductory course in humanitarian aid

The course lasts one week and is given twice a year in Härnösand. Application forms are available on Sida's website. The information is usually posted approximately two months prior to the current date.

Preparation Pre Departure (PPD)
Prior to their departure, accepted fieldworkers undergo preparatory training within MSF. The course is one week and is offered about seven times a year.Medical and logistical staff, a second week is offered with more practical information and instructions.

MSF is responsible for travel and accommodations for the PPD course. We are also responsible for accommodations and food costs associated with the IHA-course in Härnösand but not the travel costs for getting there. For HHA courses in Uppsala or Stockholm, you are responsible for travel and living expenses.