Hoppa till huvudinnehåll

Applying to MSF

Below is all the information you need on how to apply, preparations before you go on a field mission abroad and on what will happen when you return home after you've completed your mission.

If you are not a resident of Sweden or Finland, you should contact the MSF office in the country you live in. 

If you have questions, please contact us via field.recruitment.sweden@lakareutangranser.se


1. Basic Requirements

This is a general overview of the minimum requirements for working with MSF. These requirements can change without prior notice in response to organisational and field project needs.

2. The application

Make sure that you've read all the available information before you start filling out your application.

3. For Accepted Applicants

It is always the need in the field that controls missions and assignments. That means there can be long waits, sometimes as long as several months before you are offered a mission.

4. After Your Mission

Working in the field for MSF is more than a job. Hopefully the commitment will not end when you finished the project!